We’re experts in optimising your existing content and monetising across other platforms by using the latest data-driven technology to help you grow and earn exponentially.

We are experts in optimizing your existing content and monetize across other platforms by using the latest data-driven technology

“Did you know there is only a 19% audience overlap on YouTube VS Facebook?”

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“As an Official Facebook Media Partner we will protect
your content and claim earnings generated by others.”

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

Open Minded

We’re like-minded creatives with a background in content production and distribution. We understand that staying open-minded is essential if you want to keep on top of this rapidly changing landscape.


We take pride in our work and are passionate about what we do and who we work with. Coming from a documentary background (some of us have worked for Vice, BBC & Zoomin Media) we value the art of storytelling and protecting the narrative.


The world of social is a fast paced one, if you’re not on the ball… you’re going to get left behind. It’s our job to be the industry eyes and ears for our clients.

Our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work! We’re a tight-knit team with individual unique strengths and talents. From our data analysts to social media interns, we share the same curiosity to stay on top of the latest trends on all verticals.

Our Story

Sunny State Agency is a global data-driven monetization company that specializes in revamping your existing content and optimizing that to each specific platform so the creator can continue to focus on their main platform while we create new revenue streams.

We work with a broad scale of creators in all niches. Our background lies in content production and we have been online publishers since day one of content monetization on Facebook, TikTok, Snap & IGTV. Our team of data analytics makes it possible to predetermine what edit will perform best and using the latest data-driven technology to give us insights and data that make us able to publish the best performing edit possible.

Our Story

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What To Expect?

It is our goal to grow out your audience and create a new substantial revenue stream with your existing content. With most creators, we see a 200-250% gain in views, audience growth, and earnings from the moment we take on a page.  We also have a few distribution pages where we share your content to amplify the views and expose your content to a new audience pool. 

You truly become part of a family with like-minded creators that have joined Sunny State Agency before you did.  As we represent creators that are often in the same niche, we help establish crosspost relationships between the creators where this makes sense, so you can both benefit from each-others fanbase and growth. 


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A True Partnership Where We Take
Care of Everything

A True Partnership Where We Take
Care of Everything

“Sunny State Agency helps creators grow and earn exponentially on other platforms,
all while you can focus on what you do best, creating awesome content! ”

How We Help
You Grow

By using the latest analytic technology, we optimize and scale the distribution of your content in a way that is very appealing to a broader audience. This way we truly maximize your potential and reach new all-time highs each month.

How We Help
You Grow

Frequently Asked Questions

We always do a short test with all potential partners to ensure that the partnership with be successful for both parties. This entails that we select a few videos from a creators library, our team will take the videos and (1) re-edit/revamp them (2) a/b test and (3) run a small audience acquisition campaign to gauge results. Based on the information gathered, we will know how to best proceed and gain some insights for both parties.

Compared to most of our competitors we do not claim part ownership of the page or the content. You stay in full (creative) control of your content and all the growth we are generating through pro-actively posting and engaging will remain in your full ownership whatsoever.

Nope, we work with a revenue split model and take a slight percentage of the monthly earnings we’ve generated on your page. So a No Cure – No Pay method.

Honest answer is nearly none as we will pull your existing content straight from YouTube and re-edit and optimize that accordingly. If creators are comfortable with us engaging with their audience we gladly do so. This is always done very subtle with brand safety being top of mind.

We combine our expertise and the latest tech to help you earn and grow exponentially across other platforms with your existing content.